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What are offshore fishing gloves?

Fishing the large open bays and oceans and usually means that you are targeting pelagic fish such as tuna, mackerel, snapper, amberjack, pelagic, marlin, halibut, mahi-mahi, sailfish just to name a few! Offshore fishing is considered by some as the ultimate form of fishing. Massive anticipation, pure excitement and full-on adrenaline when you hook onto that monster fish.

Offshore gloves serve several purposes, including handling fish with large and sharp teeth, spikes and bills. Secondly when leadering the fish if you don’t have a wireman or you are the wireman. This is required once the fish is alongside the boat. They can also be used when fighting large fish to minimise the risk of blisters and fatigue. They also come into their own when there is a lot of spray or rain.

Basically you need really good hand protection as well as the necessary skills to land such big fish! Without gloves this task becomes extremely dangerous. Even with gloves there are other risks and dangers to consider.

With this knowledge in mind, offshore gloves need to be sturdy, strong, comfortable and provide the protection. These gloves should have ample padding on the back of the hand all the way around the palm as this is where the leader will be gripped.

Key Criteria for buying offshore fishing gloves


Offshore gloves need to provide high levels of protection when handling mono, wire or cable leaders as well as handing fish. Handling deep sea or pelagic fish can be dangerous and can result in significant injury such as loose of fingers. Choose gloves that meet your protection requirement which should be based around the type of offshore fishing that you intend to do.


It is likely that you will use your offshore gloves for grabs and holding big fish. This may be to land the fish, to unhook the fish or release it back into the water. You may even need to grab the bill of a large swordfish if that is your game. Whatever your target fishing specifies, you need to be confident that your gloves will provide adequate grip of what can be slippery fish. A good pair of offshore gloves will have a material on the palms and fingers to maximise grip.

Cleaning of the Offshore Gloves

These fishing gloves will often take a beating when out on the water. To maximise their useful life they should be cleaned after each use. This will also avoid your gloves stinking! The type of material will influence how to clean these fishing gloves. Look for offshore gloves that have simple cleaning instructions such as soaking in slightly soapy warm water or even mean washable.


Like most other fishing gloves, comfort is important as the gloves will likely be worn for extended periods of time. The fishing gloves should have a snug fit, without feeling too tonight. Basically you do not want your hands to move in the glove as you are seeking a tight and solid grip of the fish or leader.

Dexterity is important. However there is a compromise between well padded gloves that provide protection versus dexterity. Seek to find a glove that adequately balances these competing requirements.

Ideally the offshore fishing gloves should have a method to secure the gloves on your wrist, such as velcro.


By now you should be getting the picture that such offshore fishing gloves will have a hard life. It is important for your own protection that these fishing gloves remain intact and durable. Splits, tears or areas that become exposed can lead to injury. Therefore look to for a solid and durable pair of offshore gloves. Look for gloves that have a strong material on the back of the glove as well as the palm for leadering.


They are several common types of materials for offshore gloves. Most manufactures will have material that provides protection such as a kevlar blend. They will also use variations of neoprene, microfiber or mesh material for breath-ability and quick drying and finally a material for the fingers to provide grip.

Multi-use Fishing Gloves

Offshore gloves will serve several purposes when out on the water and are considered good general purpose offshore boating gloves. They can be used for:

  • leadering and landing of fish
  • handling of fish for catch and release, taking photos or preparing to keep
  • gripping fishing rods and reels for those long fights to limit hand fatigue
  • Cutting up and preparing of bait

Cost of Offshore Fishing Gloves

A pair of offshore gloves will set you back between $20 and $60 dollars. Something in the middle will get you a solid and reliable pair

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Our Top Recommendation for Offshore Fishing Gloves

Wire Max Salt Water Offshore Fishing Gloves by AFTCO

The AFTCO Wire Max offshore salt water fishing gloves were designed using the expertise of Captain Peter B. Wright, the world famous big game skipper, author, and IGFA Hall of Fame member. These are the ultimate saltwater fishing glove for leadering big fish. Made with closed cell EVA foam covered with super tough Armortex® that wraps hand and lines palm, fingers and thumb to maximize protection when handling mono, wire or cable leaders.

Key Features:


  1. Durable Tacky-Grip palm and Spandura® fourchettes improves dexterity
  2. Foam-backed mesh keeps fingers cool and protected
  3. Wrap-around neoprene strap with Velcro® closure over woven cuff assures a secure fit and repels leader snags
  4. Armortex® provides unmatched protection 



  1. Well designed fishing gloves by fishers for fishers
  2. Very popular Offshore gloves with great feedback
  3. Provide the necessary protection and grip when leadering or handling big fish
  4. Provide full hand and write protection
  5. Bulky enough to provide protection, yet small enough to maintain dexterity
  6. Multipurpose glove that can be used for several purposes when boating and fishing offshore



  • The cost is at the higher end for offshore gloves

What we liked about these offshore fishing gloves:

These are an amazing pair of offshore salt water gloves. The design has been given much thought and actual real world usage to ensure a very practical pair of fishing gloves for big game fishing.

They provide near maximum protection for offshore fishing when chasing big fish. The foam backed mesh ensure protection when handling leaders.

The fit is comfortable due to the multiple sizes. These gloves give you a confident feel as soon as you put them on. They feel solid and provide the necessary grip.

best Mid Priced Offshore Fishing Gloves

PELAGIC End Game Pro Fishing Gloves

The Pelagic End Game Pro Offshore Fishing gloves now feature thumb and index finger smart touch technology. There is nothing more thrilling than fighting a monster tuna, marlin, or other large gamefish species. However, there is nothing worse than battling that fish with a massive blisters!

Ideal for fishing heavy mono, spectra, or wire leaders, these gloves are Kevlar reinforced for protection. They have closed smart touch fingertips for maximum protection and comfort. The End Game Pro Offshore Fishing Gloves are designed to prevent line cuts, protect and eliminate blisters and increase angler endurance. This is ideal if you are fish handling, gaffing, removing hooks from a toothy large fish, bill grabbing, or even fish filleting, these gloves are the offshore fishing gloves for you. Secured with velcro at the wrists and stamped with the PELAGIC Deluxe Logo, you will be ready to catch that fish of a lifetime.

Key Features:


  • “Sure Grip” fishing gloves for maximum grip
  • Kevlar reinforced for protection
  • Closed ‘Smart Touch’ fingertips for maximum
  • Protection and convenience
  • Velcro secured to ensure a tight fit
  •  Available in Dorado Green color
  •  Prevent line cuts from leaders and all line type
  •  Protect and eliminate blisters when fighting big fish
  • Made from material: 50% PVC Rubber 35% Spandex 5% Keprotec 7% Neoprene 3% TPR



  • The Pelagic End Game Pro gloves are perfect for most offshore salt water fishing needs
  • Provides excellent grip and solid hand protection
  • Well priced offshore fishing gloves
  • 4.3 star review rating
  • Easy to wash and clean



  • Check the sizing guides. Some feedback states they these offshore gloves are a tight. If your fit is between 2 sizes, recommended to go to the larger size
  • Not as much protection when compared to top end brands. If you are chasing large fish with larger leaders and dangerous fish, consider looking at the top end gloves.

What we liked about these offshore fishing gloves:

These are a great mid-priced pair of offshore fishing gloves. They are most suited for up to medium sized fish and leaders. They are well relatively lightweight and comfortable to wear. We found these easy to clean, even after a solid day of fishing and came up clean for their next use. You can not go wrong with purchasing the Pelagic End Game Pro gloves.

best Budget Priced Offshore Fishing Gloves

Cuda Wire Wrapping Fishing Gloves

The Cuda Wire Wrapping Gloves are a specialized variant of our robust offshore fishing glove line. Each pair features a neoprene and microfiber construction, along with padded Kevlar palms that are cut resistant for comfort, safety, and maximum dexterity. A reflective strip is also built in for enhanced visibility, complimented by a convenient pull loop for easy removal.


Water-repellent and made complete with an index finger and thumb designed to work on touch screens, the velcro closure ensures that all the aforementioned elements come together in perfect unison to deliver elite protection no matter the conditions.


Additionally, the extra Kevlar between the thumb and index finger defines the unmatched wire wrapping and leadering capabilities of the gloves. Available in multiple sizes as well, everyone can experience the fierce, tough, and proven performance of the Cuda Wire Wrapping Gloves.

Key Features:

  • Neoprene and Microfiber construction
  • Cut Resistant Kevlar palms
  • Reflective strip for visibility
  • Pull loop for easy removal
  • Water repellent
  • Index finger and thumb designed to work on touch screens
  • Velcro closure for secure fit
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • 4.4 star rating
  • The loops for fitting and removing are handy
  • Great budget priced fishing glove
  • Protection in all the right areas (index finger, thumb, palm, etc)


  • Not as comfortable as other gloves
  • A little difficult to clean around the seams

What we liked about these offshore fishing gloves:

The Cuda Wire Wrapping Offshore Fishing Gloves are a variant of the Cuda Offshore Glove. The main difference is increased protection around the top of the index finger and thumb area for leadering or wiring. This is why we recommend these over the Cuda Offshore Fishing Gloves.

This is a good offshore fishing glove for the occasional fisher, if you are targeting medium sized fish or if you are on a budget. The Cuda Wire Wrapping Offshore Gloves will provide good protection for offshore use. They include a a few nice features such as the loops to easier fit or remove.


We consider Offshore fishing gloves as a must have item for salt water fishing, especially for big game fishing. Hand protection is paramount when fishing. Also when your hands get wet, they become more susceptible to cuts and injures. They are many good offshore fishing gloves options. Just make sure you choice salt water fishing gloves that provide the required protection for your fishing needs.