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Best Budget Winter Fly Fishing Gloves 2023

Buyers Guide For The Best Winter Fly Fishing Gloves (2023)

David Holland Best Fishing Glove Author

Winter Fly Fishing Gloves

Fly fishers ar a passionate and committed breed. Near freezing temperature, rain and slogging through cold, yet crystal clear streams is all part of the “fun”. 

Therefore you will need fly fishing gloves that will keep your hands warm and ultimately allow you to stay out in the elements and in the action for as long as possible.

The fly fishing gloves also need to fit the requirements for fly fishing. These include maintaining dexterity, and being able to work with the fishing line and fly. 

There is a plethora of fly fishing gloves on the market today. Hopefully you can find the pair or pairs that best fit your fly fishing requirements. Factors to consider include warmth, dexterity, wind protection, types of material and style such as full-finger, fingerless or mitten styles.

Key Criteria for buying Fly fishing gloves


Dexterity is a critical factor for fly fishing gloves. More so than with other types of fishing as you need significant control over the rod, reel and fly.


You may be able to get away with lightweight fly fishing gloves in summer. However winter is a different story. Generally a major consideration for winter fly fishing gloves should be made for warmth. Think wool, fleece oa another warm synthetic material.

Wind Proof

The wind blowing off the water can really decrease the chill factor. Decide on fishing gloves that will keep your hands warm. This means insulation and an outershell that protects from the wind.

Hook and Fly resistant

Avoid glove that can easily be caught by the fly. Some materials have a habit of being easily snagged


The best fly fishing gloves are made with wool or fleece line, and other synthetic material on the outershell to provide protection from the elements as well as maintaining dexterity.  Also look for gloves with a suede palm.

Wool – provides warmth, even when wet. Being a natural fibre, doesn’t stink as much. Can make gloves bulky.

Fleece – can repel water and therefore maintains warmth. 

Features to look for when Buying Fly fishing gloves

Now you have a good set of criteria for deciding on the best winter fly fishing gloves. Fit and comfort are also very important attributes.  Now we will show you our recommendations for fly fishing gloves.

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Best Winter Fly Fishing Gloves

Simms Freestone Foldover Mitt

Simms is synonyms with fishing. Simms arguably manufacture the largest and best range of fishing gloves. Therefore it is no surprise that a pair of Simms flying fishing and winter gloves makes this list.

The Freestone Foldover Mitt provides the warmth of a mitt, with the dexterity of fingerless gloves. This is the perfect combination for winter fly fishing.

These are low-bulk and high-warmth fly fishing gloves. These gloves offer cold-day functionality and fold-over protection for more warmth.

The outershell of the glove provides wind and water protection. While the fleece lining provides ample warmth.

Materials – Shell: 95% Polyester/5% Spandex,  Fleece: 250g/m2 with DWR Treatment,Palm Overlay: 100% TPU


  • Comfortable and Warmth
  • Versatility with the mitten and fingerless features
  • Palm grip
  • Pull loops at wrist for easy on and off
  • Stow away overmitt 
  • Simms guarantee
  • Maintains dexterity with mitten fold over
  • Durable and hard wearing outershell
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Machine washable.
  • Can be bulky with the outer mitt section
What we liked about these fly fishing gloves:

These are a great pair of winter fly fishing gloves at a very reasonable price.  

I really liked the stow away mitt and button thumb stow away. It gives you the flexibility for keeping as much of  your fingers and thumbs warm as possible. Yet providing the dexterity needed for fly fishing.

These fly fishing gloves provide a great fit and are true to size. The outershell provides adequate protection from wind and water and lining can help keep your fingers warm.

Budget Winter Fly Fishing Gloves

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

Are these the perfect fly fishing gloves?  These are a great option for those seeking a fly fishing glove instead of a fly fishing mitten. The Palmyth flexible gloves have a few very innovative features.

These fishing gloves maintain great dexterity and the convertible glove option makes them perfect for cold weather fly fishing. You can flip back the thumb, index finger and middle finger caps with magnetic metal buttons to free your fingers for fly fishing, while you keep the rest of your hands warm.


  • 3 cut finger design means you can retain manoeuvrability and dexterity
  • Breathable water-repellent and windproof softshell
  • Palm grip
  • Adjustable velcro strap for perfect fit
  • Avoids the bulk of mitten style gloves
  • Innovative magnet design to hold back the cut fingers
  • Very comfortable and warm
  • Softshell outer layer allows dexterity
  • Hand washable 
  • These are water resistant and not waterproof
What we liked about these fly fishing gloves:

There are 2 things that we really liked with these fly fishing gloves. First, is the fact that these are much more glove style than mitten.  This means less bulk and great dexteriority. 

Second is the comfortable and softshell design. The material is stretchable and therefore provides a comfortable and warm fitting glove.

These gloves are a great option for fly flying. It is worth noting that if you are fishing in freezing conditions or are likely to submerge your hands, these gloves may not be your best option. This would not apply to most fly fishers, but still worth pointing this out. For such conditions, I would be recommending ice fishing gloves.

Best Premium Winter Fly Fishing Gloves

Orvis Pro Insulated Convertible Mitts

These convertible fishing mitts were inspired by the Orvis PRO Insulated Hoody. The same shell fabric and insulation was used for the body of the glove. Four-way stretch fleece provides awesome warmth and stretch. The convertible tuck-away mitt reduces snagging, and the convertible thumb will tuck-away  for full dexterity. These gloves have a suede synthetic leather palm and a finger pull-on the cuff for easy on-and-off.

Materials – Shell: Nylon, Fleece: Recycled polyester /spandex, Insulation: PrimaLoft, Suede: Polyester/polyurethane.


  • Fold-away mitt
  • Finger pull-on cuff
  • Machine washable
  • Maintains dexterity
  • Will keep your hands warm and protected from the wind
  • Separate finger and thumb hood is handy
  • Long cuffs to keep your wrists warm
  • Quality gloves and well made
  • Can be bulky with the outer mitt section
  • Expensive pair of gloves
What we liked about these premium fly fishing gloves:
If you are like me, and feel the cold, then these mitts are a great option. The fact that you can remove the hood or mitten section is a real bonus. Previously, I had to remove my gloves when I needed to tie on my flies or work with the tackle.
These are great for not only fly fishing, but other types of winter fishing or even winter activities. 
The main drawback is that some folks just don’t like mittens and prefer gloves.

Conclusion for winter fly fishing gloves

We have provided several options for winter fly fishing gloves. You first need to decide the likely conditions that you will be fishing in winter. Then you can choose between mitten or glove style gloves. Given the touch required when fly fishing, dexterity is a key criteria.

In either case, fly fishing gloves will help keep your hands warm and protected from wind and rain.  

Good luck and enjoy your next fishing adventure!