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Best Fishing Gloves About Us

Let’s talk a little about us and the beginnings of the Best Fishing Gloves website. We are all mad about fishing and wanted to share some of our fishing knowledge. We decided on Fishing Gloves. In the ideal world, we would love to blog about all thing fishing. However there are already enough of those websites out there. We found a gap in fishing equipment reviews and information relating to fishing gloves. Luckily, we have a heap of knowledge on fishing gloves from our decades of fishing and using various types of fishing gloves. In a nutshell, that was the beginning of the Best Fishing Gloves website.

Message from our founder:

My name is David Holland and in my opinion every day that you get the opportunity to go fishing is a great day! As I now live in a city, I get to go fishing once or twice a month. Usually this includes a 3-4 day fishing trip.  My motto about fishing is “The only thing better than fishing, is catching a fish”. What do you think? Fishing is so much more than actual fishing. It is the excitement of planning your fishing trip, getting all your fishing tackle and equipment ready (including your fishing gloves of course), the anticipation of the drive or transport to your fishing spot, and then enjoyment of being out in nature.

Best Fishing Gloves’ Team:

All our writers and reviewers are mad about fishing! We believe that if you are passionate about something, you will do that “something” as best that you can.

If you are passionate about fishing and have something to share with the broader fishing and internet community on fishing gloves, consider dropping us an email.

What type of fishing do we like?

I would say that the team actively participates in fresh water fishing and salt water fishing. We love to fish from the shore, streams, boat or kayak.  Our shared approach to fishing is to keep things relatively simple.  

How long have we been fishing for?

As the founder, I recall fishing as young as 4 years old with my father. He would take me down to the estuaries or local piers to dangle a line. As I grew older, my father started to expose me to fresh water fishing.

What makes us experts in fishing gloves?

While we don’t really like the self proclaimed term “fishing glove experts”, we do have pretty significant experience in various fishing conditions for us to some very pointed and useful information to help  you choose the best fishing gloves for your needs.

Feel free to drop us a line. We would love to hear your feedback.