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What are Filleting Fishing Gloves?

Filleting fishing gloves are an essential item for any any keen fisher planning on the cooking and consuming their catch. An awesome day fishing on a boat or from the shore will often mean you now have quite a task ahead of you in terms of cleaning your catch on a filleting table. A quality pair of filleting fish gloves will make your job of cleaning your fish considerably quicker and safer. Filleting fishing gloves should provide adequate grip of the fish and knife, as well as providing protection against cuts and nicks when using a sharp filleting knife and dealing with slippery fish.

Key Criteria For Filleting Fishing Gloves

Cut Protection

Fish can be slippery and even slimy which can make them difficult to handle. During the filleting process, there is always a risk of slipping and accidentally cutting yourself. Therefore it is important that you wear gloves that will provide the necessary protection.

The ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 standard covers cut protection amongst other hand protection specific rating. You should choose a filleting glove with an appropriate and official ANSI level rating. Look for gloves with an ANSI 105-2106 cut level of 5 or higher. This will provide up to 2,200 grams of weight to cut through the material. An alternative is the European Standard

It is important to note note that this rating is for cut resistance and does not mean the gloves are cut proof. Always be careful when using filleting knives.


Filleting gloves should be designed to maximise grip of both the filleting knife and also the fish. The grip of the gloves should provide a firm and solid hold of the knife without the risk of slipping. The grip should also allow you to hold and keep the fish still while filleting. The choice of material for the palm is most important in relation to providing a safe and strong grip. If you have the opportunity, test the fit and feel of the knife in your hand.


Filleting Fishing gloves are generally constructed from several different types of materials for the different parts of the glove. For example the palm needs to provide grip while the fingers, thumb, and back of the palm sections should provide cut protection. Manufactures use a variety of materials for these different parts of their filleting gloves. Popular materials include high performance polyethylene (HPPE), stainless steel core blend, kevlar and various other patented materials.

Cleaning of the Filleting Gloves

We all know that fish smell. While some people don’t particularly mind it, others can not stand it. Either way, it is important to be able to clean, dry and put away your filleting gloves for next time without the risk of the gloves smelling or worse still, developing a mould and needing to be replaced. The type of material is generally the biggest factor in how to clean your filleting fishing gloves. A rubber, PVC, metal type material is generally easier to clean than a fabric material. Some gloves are machine washable. Always clean your gloves after use to maximise their usable life.


Like most other technical gloves, comfort is important as the gloves will likely be worn for extended periods of time. The gloves should not reduce dexterity and movement of the hands and fingers as such flexibility is essential for the filleting process.


These filleting gloves should have a relatively tight fit and it is important that your finger tips should reach to the end of the fingers and thumb sections. Like an oversized pair of shoes, too much space will allow movement which is uncomfortable and unsafe.


When purchasing filleting fishing gloves, pay attention to the quality, care instructions and materials used. We want our fishing gear to last. Examine the quirks (when the finger sections join the palm), fourchettes (sides of finger sections) and any stitching as these are the parts that are most likely to wear.


Filleting Fishing Gloves are your equivalent in the fishing glove world to the swiss army knife as they are likely to be the most multiple purpose fishing glove in your inventory. 

  • Filleting Gloves are also suitable for handling fish with spikes and small teeth as they will provide a level of protection. They also allow you to grip slippery fish quite well.
  • Cutting up and preparing bait. Especially when in a boat where everything is moving. The extra protection of fillet gloves will provide some peace of mind against cuts
  • Removing lures or hooks from fish that could potentially flip around. These gloves may reduce the chance of having a lure or hook wedged into your fingers. We all want to avoid this!

Price for filleting gloves

You should expect to pay between $5 and $75 for a pair of filleting fishing gloves. A good pair can be had for around $40.

Our Recommended Filleting Fishing Gloves

Bubba Ultimate Fillet Gloves

Bubba Ultimate Fillet Gloves with Cut Resistant Construction and Touch Screen Usability for Fishing, Angling, Boating and Outdoors.

Slicing through fish has never been easier, and your fingers have never been safer with our Ultimate Fillet Gloves. Engineered for comfort and protection, we’ve incorporated our famous non-slip grip into the palm and fingers, so you can keep a firm grasp on the blade while turning your latest catch into your next meal. They’re designed with cut and puncture-resistant materials to protect your fingers from those nicks and fins. We’ve also incorporated a touch-screen friendly surface on the index fingers and thumbs, so you can quickly snap a picture of that fish of a lifetime and send it to all your friends. These gloves are 15% DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber. Sold in pairs.


  • Superior comfort and protection
  • Made with a double layer superfabric around the palm, 15% Kevlar Fiber and Neoprene on the back of the hand and thumb.
  • Hook “N” Loop closure for a tight fit
  • Touch-screen friendly surface on the index and thumb.


  • 4.5 star rating on Amazon.
  • Great size and fit. Not too bulky which means you still maintain good dexterity
  • Comfortable for long hours of use
  • Multipurpose glove. Can be used for fish handling, setting up tackle and lures and general hand protection while fishing


  • Size can be a little small. Double check the sizing guide before ordering.

What we liked about these: 

Bubba is reputable brand in the fishing and tackle industry. They have maintained their high standards with a well designed and made pair of fillet gloves. These gloves are practical, comfortable, provide good protection and are well priced and easy to clean.

They fit well and are comfortable to wear. Most importantly you feel safe from injury when filleting or cleaning your catch.

Add to the fact that they are multipurpose and can be used for fish handling or even as offshore fishing gloves, make these a smart buy.

Top End Filleting Fishing Gloves

Dowellife Chainmail Glove

The Dowellife Chainmail Glove is a step up from what we would refer to as a standard fish fillet glove. These gloves are chef or butcher grade and made of stainless steel. These provide a high level of protection for filleting fish. Note that this is a single glove that will fit either hand.

Key Features:

  • The chainmail glove is made by about 5000 pcs of 304 stainless steel rings. It is widely used in professional slaughtering and will keep from injuries due to cutting, slicing or shucking.
  • Comfort and easy to wear. The ring mesh glove is flexible and smooth, easy to wear and remove. The adjustable wrist clasp and the white tightening strap can help you get a great fit.
  • Food Safe Made by 304 stainless-steel. The cut resistant glove is safe for meat and food cutting.
  • Easy to clean and dry. The simply way is to rinse the cut resistant glove with soapy water and hang for dry.


  • Excellent choice for filleting of fish at home and keeping the glove in your kitchen.
  • High level of cut protection due to the stainless steal construction


  • A single butcher grade fish filleting glove is not as practical as a pair of gloves for fish filleting and cleaning. You generally need both hands with protective gloves when cleaning fish.

What we liked about this:


The Dowellife Chainmail fish filleting glove is fantastic to use in a kitchen environment. It has a great fit and feel with the stainless steel chain mail. It gives much confidence for safely slicing and filleting fish with an extremely sharp filleting knife.


If you are seeking a very high level of protection from cuts, these would be a good choice.

Budget Filleting Fishing Gloves

Rapala Fillet Glove

Keep all your digits intact with the Rapala Fillet Glove. A comfy blend of natural and synthetic fibers with stainless steel provides the best protection ever.

Made of Tuff-Knit yarn, a comfy blend of natural and synthetic fibers with stainless steel for the best protection against slicing injury during filleting.


  • Made of Tuff-Knit Yarn
  • Fits either handling
  • 3 sizes
  • Machine washable


  • 4.5 star rating on Amazon.
  • Well priced filleting glove
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Basic and lacks the comfort of other gloves
  • A single fish filleting glove is not as practical as a pair of gloves for fish filleting and cleaning. You generally need both hands with protective gloves when cleaning fish.

What we liked about this:

The Rapala Fillet glove is a basic yet practical fish filleting glove. It does the intended job of protecting and handling fish for filleting. The price is attractive and makes fishing glove a good buy for the occasional use.

Conclusion for Filleting Fishing Gloves

Fish Fillet Gloves will help protect you from cuts and injuries while filleting fish. They should be provide adequate protection and be comfortable for reasonable lengths of use. A good pair should last you many years as long as you maintain these gloves by always cleaning them after use.

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