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I hate bugs! Here’s the best bug protection fishing gloves

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Bug Protection Fishing Gloves

I love fishing the hours of dawn and dusk as I often find this is the most productive time for fresh water fishing. However the bugs at these time can be often be unbearable and therefore bug protection fishing gloves are a must.

I’ve actually been in a situation recently where the fishing was hot during the last light of the day. Unfortunately so too were the bugs! I was out in the kayak, fishing for bass off the surface. This session was easily my most successful. It seemed every cast i was getting hits and hookups. However I was under attack by bugs! My feet, hands and face were getting bitten. I had to make one of the hardest choices of my fishing career. Do I stay out? Or do I head back to shore. I couldn’t handle it any more and so had to return to shore and hide in my tent!

What I learnt from this experience is to completely cover up with bug protection clothing, including bugstopper fishing gloves.

So let me provide you with the necessary information on the criteria for the best bugstopper fishing gloves and some recommendations.

Key Criteria for buying Bug protection fishing gloves

Bug Protection Technology

Generally each of the major fishing glove manufacturers have their own patented bug protection technology. I am not aware of any industry standard as such.

Look for bug protection fishing gloves that claim to have their insect repellent technology integrated into the fabric of the fishing gloves. Also the bug protection technology should be long lasting. Some fishing glove manufacturers claim it will last the life of the product. Of course, best if these claims can be backed up with solid reviews.

If you can’t find a good pair of bug protection gloves with an embedded insect deterrent, look for a pair of thick fishing gloves that will protect you from that biting or stinging of insects and bugs.

Basically, this is similar to bug protection clothing.

Style of Fishing

Are you fishing in the cold of  the depths of winter or the warmth of mid-summer? This will influence what type of gloves you should seek out. I will speak in general terms here. I find that bugs are most prevalent in summer and therefore I lean towards a summer style fishing gloves that have a thin and stretchy type material. Conversely, a thick winter glove usually provides adequate protection from bugs due to its think material.


As you may be fishing in darkness, you will want your gloves to be on the entire time. Therefore they must be comfortable. A stretchable material and the correct size is really all you need to consider for bug protection fishing gloves. 

Often bug protection fishing gloves are also good as sun protection fishing gloves. I personally continue to use gloves throughout the day as well.

Cuff Length

The length of the cuffs are especially important for bug protection fishing gloves. When the bugs are biting, you need as much of your skin covered as possible. Therefore you really want the cuffs of your gloves to tuck under your shirt to ensure that you wrists are not exposed.


This material will be similar to that of sun protection fishing gloves. You want to look for fishing gloves made from lightweight, breathable and quick drying material. Of course, the material should include the bug protection technology. This type of material will keep your hands fresh and dry on those barmy nights and also provide a little bit of warmth for the early summer mornings. 

Features to look for when Buying Insect Protection fishing gloves

We have now off on the required criteria for bugstopper fishing gloves. I will just add some other features to consider. This are somewhat generic, however useful.

A good pair of bugs protection fishing gloves should include features including loops on the finger tips and cuffs for allowing the gloves to be easily  fitted and removed, palm protection is always beneficial for fishing handling and a reflective patch of material to find your gloves in low light conditions.

Finally you will need to decide if you want fingerless or full-fingered gloves. Read here for a discussion of the differences. 

Now let’s look at our recommendations.

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Our Recommended Bug Protection Fishing Gloves

Simms Bugstopper Fishing Gloves

The Simms Bugstopper fishing gloves are designed for protection against biting bugs and also provide UPF 50 protection from the sun. 

These bug protection fishing gloves are clearly designed by folks with fishing knowledge and are ideal for shore based fishing, kayak fishing and fishing from a boat.

Materials – SolarFlex®  92% polyester/8% spandex;, Insect Shield®, Suede overlays on pointer and middle fingers


  • Insect Shield® that provides long lasting insect protection
  • Long cuffs to cover wrists
  • UPF 50+
  • Half-finger style
  • Built-in stripping guard for line handling


  • Insect protection embedded into material
  • Quality made gloves with double stitching and tear protection
  • Provides sun protection
  • Machine washable
  • Loops to assist with putting these gloves on and pulling them off would be useful
What we liked about these bug protection fishing gloves:

These are very much the best bug protection fishing gloves available on the market. The reason is that the patented insect protection that is embedded into the fabric of the fishing gloves which is claimed to last the lifespan of these gloves.

I find these glove comfortable and appreciate the long cuffs to avoid complete hand insect protection. The fingerless design maintains dexterity when handling tackle and I am yet to be bitten on the actual tips of my fingers!

The only negative, which is minor, is that I don’t particularly like the open palm section. However as these are also sun protection gloves, I can understand why they have been designed with this feature.

I can attest to these gloves providing bug and insect protection. These are my “go-to” gloves for fishing when the bugs are out.  All in all, these are the bug protection gloves for you!

Premium Bug Protection Fishing Gloves

Simms Gore Infinium Flex Gloves

These fishing gloves are technically not bug stopper fishing gloves. These are basically a pair of premium fishing gloves that offers a range of benefits, including protection from biting bugs in winter or those cooler times of the years.

These fishing gloves provide bug protection through the thick construction, full finger design and long cuff. 

Additionally, these fishing gloves are perfect for all day use out on the water. They will protect your hands and keep them warm during cooler morning while out fishing.

Materials – Shell: GORE-TEX lnfinium™ windproof stretch fleece, Palm overlay: Textured TPU, Thumb & Index finger overlay: AX single-connect suede


  • Gore-Tex Infinium stretch fleece for warmth and insect protection.
  • single seam construction
  • TPU palm overlays for increased grip
  • Stretch gasket cuff for full wrist coverage
  • Pairing snaps
  • Thumb, index, and middle finger openings 
  • Index finger is compatible with touch screen technology


  • Beautifully warm and comfortable glove
  • High quality bug protection glove
  • Finger openings for knot tying.
  • Machine washable
  • These are expensive being gore-tex and high end bug stopper fishing gloves
What we liked about these bug protection fishing gloves:

If you want the best bug protection fishing gloves or you want a premium winter fishing glove, then you can’t really go wrong with these gloves.

They are super comfortable and are very well designed and made. They come with a bunch of cool little features such as an adjustable cuff, pairing buttons so that you don’t loose one glove, touch screen compatible, just to name a few.

Budget Bug Protection Fishing Gloves

Rapala Marine Fisherman Glove

These Rapala Fishing gloves will give you a level of protection from biting insects. These are not specific bug protection gloves. Basically most gloves will give you a level of protection from bugs. However we are recommending these particular gloves as the construction is thick compared with other fishing gloves and they have good length cuffs.


Materials – 70% Polyester, 30% Cotton


  • Non-slip fish handling gloves
  • Fresh or Saltwater
  • Designed to float
  • Durable Latex Coating
  • Machine Washable.


  • Cheap 
  • Full finger and long cuffs for bug protection
  • These fishing gloves do not include an insect repellent in the material
What we liked about these bug protection fishing gloves:

These gloves will provide a good level of bug protection due to the design and construction of the gloves. This should allow you to stay out on the water even with the bugs out and biting.

Conclusion on the best Bug Protection Fishing Gloves

Remember the purpose of bug protection fishing gloves. It is to keep you out fishing as long as possible, even when the bugs are out in force. A well designed pair of fishing gloves will afford some protection. However the best option is to go with a glove that has an embedded insect repellent in the material of the glove.