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Casting Fishing Gloves for Baitcaster reels

A good pair of baitcaster casting gloves should protect you from line cuts and line burns. Ultimately this requires protection of the thumb. Although palm protection is also helpful as we do tend to wrap line around our hands and palms.

A common technique for casting with a baitcaster reel is to use the thumb to control the line spool. This can, and will, cause line burn and then cuts on your thumb. This is most prevalent when your thumb is either quite wet or quite dry. The use of the thumb is offer preferred over constantly changing the brakes and weights  when using slightly different weighted lures.

Key Criteria for buying Baitcaster fishing gloves

Thumb Protection

Thumb protection is most important! We want a glove with a full thumb section to  allow clamping of the thumb over the moving line. Protection of the thumb tip is most ideal. It can be difficult to find such baitcaster fishing gloves. 


The casting gloves will likely be worn for the entire fishing session. Therefore these casting fishing gloves must be comfortable. Especially if casting large lures all day line.


These fishing gloves will no doubt get a lot of use. Personally, when lure fishing, I fish for many hours at a time and will get in at least 2 sessions per day. The thumb needs to be protected. The gloves need to be able to withstand line constantly being slowed and stopped.


Ideally these fishing gloves should not be too heavy and also not be extremely light (such as pure sun  protection gloves). Baitcasting fishing gloves primary purpose is to provide thumb protection. A good pair of baitcaster gloves will also provide palm protection as often in the course of fishing, we tend to wrap line around our palms for various reasons. A secondary objective is to provide either warmth or sun protection.

Like most other fishing gloves, comfort is important as the gloves will likely be worn for extended periods of time. The fishing gloves should have a snug fit, without feeling too tonight. Basically you do not want your hands to move in the glove as you are seeking a tight and solid grip of the fish or leader.

Dexterity is important. However there is a compromise between well padded gloves that provide protection versus dexterity. Seek to find a glove that adequately balances these competing requirements.

Ideally the offshore fishing gloves should have a method to secure the gloves on your wrist, such as velcro.


They are several common types of materials for casting gloves. Most manufactures will have material that provides protection and flexibility. The thumb tips are using made of a strong and solid material to protect the thumb. Often some form of poly type material. The palm is best protected by a faux or suede leather as flexibility is necessary for this part of the hand and glove.

Features to look for in Baitcaster fishing gloves

We have covered the essentials of what baitcaster fishing gloves should include. Additional features include pull loops on the either fingers or wrist to assist with easily putting on or taking these fishing gloves off. A velcro wrist strap will ensure a better fit. Finally, decide if you need warmth, wind proof, water repellent or sun protection.

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Best Baitcaster Fishing Gloves

Mustad Casting Gloves

The Mustad Casting Gloves are a great pair of baitcaster casting gloves. These fishing gloves meet our main requirements of providing excellent thumb protection, as well as solid palm protection. The full finger design helps protect all your fingers from line burn and line cuts.

These baitcaster gloves can be used in a variety of fishing types, such as from a boat, kayak and also land. They will keep your thumbs and hands well protected all day long, no matter long heavy your braid or fishing line is.

The glove features a comfortable fit, adjustable Velcro wrist strap and heavy-duty padding on high stress areas being in contact with heavy mono or braided line.


  • Excellent thumb protection
  • Solid palm protection
  • Highly breathable
  • Grip pads on the finger tips
  • Double stitched
  • Velcro strap
  • Full length thumb is absolutely required for casting baitcaster rods and reels
  • Provides a good balance between warmth and dexterity
  • Great fit and comfortable
  • Durable and easy to wash
  • Not water repellent (but is quick dry)
  • Can get warm in summer
What we liked about these baitcaster fishing gloves:
The Mustad casting gloves are my favourite pair of pure casting gloves and a perfect option as baitcaster casting fishing gloves. As mentioned, they provide excellent thumb protection for controlling the line spool as you flick lures. 
These are super comfortable and true to size. These are easy fishing gloves to wear for long fishing sessions.
In the midsts of summer, they do get warm. However the material is breathable and quick dry which goes a long way in preventing your hands sweating and becoming sticky.
I do find that you need to remove these gloves when tackling up as the finger tips are a little bulky and hard thread and tie knots. This is similar to most full finger length fishing gloves.

Best Budget Baitcaster Fishing Gloves

Uniwit Professional Thumb + Index Finger Neoprene Glove for Fishing

The Uniwit Profesional Thumb and Index Finger Casting Gloves are a budget friendly pair of baitcaster casting gloves. They provide the necessary protection of the thumb for baitcaster casting. 

These fishing gloves are made from Neoprene which means that the material stretches for comfort. The Elastic wrist band design means one size will suit all wrist sizes. While the velcro connection between the finger and wrist band allows you to adjust it to fit your hand.

They are designed to provide adequate protection, while remaining breathable and flexible.


  • Solid thumb protection for baitcaster casting
  • Adjustable wrist and finger sections
  • Neoprene for comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Purposely designed for baitcasting (and casting)
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lacks features
  • Feels a little strange with only 2 fingers covered
What we liked about these baitcaster fishing gloves:
These thumb and index finger baitcasting gloves are a no frills, get the job done and nothing more type of gloves. They are at a very low price point.
They do get a little getting used to as they only cover your thumb and index finger. 
Also worth noting is that they are right handed.

Conclusion for Baitcaster Fishing Gloves

These are a necessity for all day baitcasting. Here is a true story. Yesterday I foolishly forget my baitcaster fishing gloves. I left them in the truck back on shore while I went off kayak fishing. Today I have a thumb that feels like layer of skin is missing! Luckily I didnt get any line cuts, as I use my thumb on most casts to control the spool speed. I won’t be making this mistake again!

Anyway, a good pair of baitcaster casting gloves will last a long time and most importantly they will keep you out on the water longer. That means, more chance to catch that once in a lifetime fish, or in my case, the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors for as long as possible.