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Are you as passionate about fishing as we are? Then you also likely seek out the best fishing gear! Fishing gloves are an important part of your fishing kit. Fishing gloves are all about protection and safety to keep you out on the water so that you can catch that once in a lifestyle fish or to simply enjoy our great outdoors for longer. We should never take our amazing rivers, lakes and oceans for granted.

Buyers Guide: Best Fishing Gloves

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Stay on the water longer

We will guide you through the best gloves for fishing

Keeping your hands well protected will help you stay on the water longer. Good gloves should provide the required protection and temperate control and improve your ability to handle your tackle, fishing  and boating gear as well as your catch. Gloves for fishing should be comfortable and provide the necessary grip for your water activity. Gloves should be reliable and be well made to last in often harsh conditions.

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We will provide the best information on fishing gloves

Unbiased and first hand experience

Guess what we do most weekends? Yup, you will find us out fishing. We enjoy and experience different types of fishing from land based, boat and kayak. Our experience allows us to provide an excellent buyers guide to the best fishing gloves whether you are into fly fishing, offshore fishing, kayak fishing,  bass fishing, big game fishing, just to name a few. You name the type of fishing it and we have probably at the very least tried it! It most cases we wear fishing gloves. We will honestly point out when we do and don’t wear fishing gloves.

What are our favourite types of Fishing

We enjoy both freshwater and saltwater fishing

All forms of fishing provide anticipation, a thrill and thorough enjoyment. Of last, freshwater lure fishing from kayaks is our current favourite type of fishing. However we also do our fair share of land based fishing in rivers and estuaries and get the boat out as regular as possible in the bays for some saltwater fishing action.

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